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Jo Situ Allen

Jo's great love for all the forms of nature started when she was young - the budding of freesias in springtime, dandelions peeking through concrete sidewalks of Chinatown, LA - these were love letters sent from the universe. 

This spiritual connection continued its way through her love of literature in mythical, historical and scientific worlds where Hans Christian Anderson, Amelia Earhart, and underwater explorers captured her imagination.  Along the way, the rhythmic lines of turn-of-the century illustrations resonated - poetic pen and ink images of nature found in Chinese history, Mucha, Warwick Goble, Arthur Rackham, Cecily Mary Barker and countless other artists that gave life to books before the photographic age.

When she grew up (so to speak), Jo spun her love of nature into a degree in Geography / Environmental Studies at UCLA - almost becoming a Bryologist (that's right, a moss scientist)  in the process.  After working as a sustainability consultant for various agencies (while moonlighting as a comic book maker and illustrator), she joined Presidio Graduate School for an MBA in holistic business.  

These days you find her living in Laguna Beach with her hubby and two darling girls - daydreaming/drawing while capturing the essence of nature's creations. 

"The Accidental Naturalist: Exploring the Flora and Fauna of Laguna Beach and Beyond (2016)... is the first book in a series published by  Brooks Street Books.  The second book - "Exploring the Flora and Fauna of San Francisco and Beyond" launches in November 2017.  

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