It's the time of the season

moss covered

grass thunder

open back

humming wild

thrills winding

earth, waiting

fingers curious

digging, pressing

ants busy

nerves ready

buds curling

blossoms spilling

rock travertine

timeless ending

hearts rending

leaves dropping





After rain

After the rain

the wild greens

move along for 

feathered grasses,

a whole new microsystem whispers

against my legs

freshly shaven -

they read the gentleness of knees

pollen rising up,

revealing secrets

that make 

a white cotton dress blush.

Westwood bakery

when you come to mind

i am in a bakery

before dawn,

dough rising

yeasty and suggestive

sugars in alchemy

aromas of 

saffron infused milk

orange yolked eggs

rosewater cream

floating, sifting, fine milled flour,

it takes time to create

perfect crust.



cat around a corner

you had just moved,

fertile soil after the rain

freshly dressed greens

lime in fish sauce

nerves flexing in the light

so fine a Sunday morning

I'll leave - let's stop there

(there are blowfish in the air)

the potential is too delicious.


I made my website today :)  Now I think I'll try my hand at public journaling...